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Read about our recycling processes

What and how we recycle


Waste Collection

Wood, Concrete, Metal

We provide waste collection for industrial waste such as wood, concrete and metal. Wastes are consolidated at our plant facility.

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Waste Sorting

Thorough Sorting Process

Collected wastes are then put through our sorting machine to separate them accordingly to their different types.

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Waste Processing

Waste Reduced to Chips

Wastes are then shredded into chip sizes which will in turned be used for other recycling process.

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Biomass Energy

Waste to Energy

Wood chips are exported to biomass power plant to be used for generating alternative energy.

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Our Products

Apart from the services that we offer, our range of products includes all the recyclable materials that have been sorting out at our recycling yard. Our recyclables are categorized into different material groups – wood, earth, metal, plastics and paper. We look for current and new customers that require recyclables for their production. These customers include paper mills, plastic factories, steel mills, construction companies or energy producing companies.

Incorporated since 2003, Biofuel is one of the leading recycling companies in Singapore processing waste to energy products for uses in biomass industry.


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