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MRF Project

Biofuel is investing in a new S$20 million Materials Recovery Facility with a production capacity of 360, 000 tons annual to support the construction, commercial, demolition and industrial sector. The MRF will be fully automated and utilize state of the art sorting and screening technology hence reducing manpower and increasing production capacity. Having the production in a closed environment would protect the woodchips from rain, this allows for a lower moisture content and higher heating value of the biomass woodchips.

Some of the possible sorting equipment that we might be using:

Optical Sorting – Automated sorting of solid products using cameras or lasers. An optical sorter is able to identify an objects appearance, shape, size, physical and sometimes chemical properties depending on the type of sensors used and the software of the system. Base on the user’s defined parameters, the sort is able to accept or reject foreign materials from the sorting line or to categorize the products base of the grade or type of material.

Air Drum Separator – Materials are sorted according to light and heavy factions. A mixed waste input is brought to a steady air steam which separates light factions from heavy factions.

Starscreen – Our company currently has one starscreen in operation. The starscreen uses star-like disks aligned along a shaft to form a sieve. The rotational speed of the starscreen will determine the size of the grain that falls through. Oversized materials will be transported to a conveyor belt picking station where sorters will further sort the materials into their specific material types.