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Our Process

We understand that all businesses will create waste. For different types of industries, different kinds of resources are use to create products, thus generating waste along the way. In Singapore, natural resources are scarce and we cannot afford to continuously generate and dispose waste. There is a growing need to reduce the natural resources that we extract and maximize the recovery of materials from mixed waste streams. We believe that waste itself is a type of resource, and in the most ideal scenario, 100% of the waste can be reused or recycled. It is paramount that we turn away from the old methods of merely disposing waste to more effective alternatives that will enable us to recover more material and minimize less eco-friendly ways of waste disposals like landfills.

Biofuel Industries strongly uphold the values of the 3Rs: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. We tailor our recycling process meticulously to ensure that we adhere as closely as possible to the 3Rs. Our waste management solutions span from waste collection, raw material recovery, biomass production and finally either to safe disposal or export of biomass. Our partners include big scale commercial operations, government bodies, large and small industrial enterprises. We have developed proven and tested methods through years of experience to provide the best customer experience and to support the waste management industry in Singapore.