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Biomass Export

This is the final stage of our production cycle. The biomass woodchips will be transported by trucks to a 100m barge at our waterfront office along Jalan Samulun. The final quality inspection is done by a quality checker who will be stationed on the barge, he looks out for pieces of metal and contaminants as well as oversized woodchips. An excavator on the barge will stockpile and compact the biomass woodchips. After the barge is fully loaded, the woodchips will be covered with a netting to prevent it from falling apart or being blown away by wind. A fully loaded barge typical requires 600 truckloads of woodchips and has a cargo weight between 5000-6500 Metric Tons. The barge is towed by an ocean-going tugboat and takes about a week to reach its discharging port.