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Waste Processing

Large pieces of root stumps, tree trunks, wooden pallets etc. will be crushed by excavators will crusher arms. The wood waste stockpile will be fed to the primary shredder which will shred large pieces of wood and timber wastes into smaller pieces, a magnetic belt at the discharge belt picks out small pieces of metal like nails and a quality checker at the discharge end of the primary shredder keeps a look out for large pieces of contaminants like stones and metal blocks which has to be removed. The quality checker will occasionally use a water hose to spray the discharge end to control dust emissions. The primary shredded wood will then be fed into the secondary shredder which uses a high rpm duplex drum with cutter blocks to shred the wood waste into its final product which biomass woodchips with size below 100mm. Any material that goes into the secondary shredder has to be free of metal otherwise it will damage the rotating drum. Biofuel has a processing capacity of about 600 Metric Tons of woodchips per day. The shredded biomass woodchips will be stockpiled with an excavator to prepare it for loading onto the cargo barge.