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Waste Sorting

Lorries carrying timber, wood, horticultural waste will be directed to the dumping ground at gate 1. A quality checker on the ground will inspect the disposed waste for contaminants (soil, plastics, large pieces of trunk, root stumps, paper, large pieces of stone etc). Large contaminants like root stumps, stones etc. will be removed from the stockpile using an excavator crusher and set aside, smaller contaminants will be removed by the quality checker and set aside. The rest of the horticultural, wood and timber waste will be stacked and stockpile to be fed into the shredders

Lorries carrying mixed wastes will be directed to the sorting yard at gate 2. Mixed waste with a lot of soil and sand will be put through a starscreen to sieve out the sand and soil, the remaining waste will be carried forward to a sorting line – sorters standing alongside the conveyor belt will manually pick out and set aside the wastes according to the material types. Mixed waste with little sand or soil will be laid out on the ground in the sorting yard, sorters will manually pick out the wastes according to their material types and set them aside on a designated areas. The wood and timber wastes being sorted out will be stockpiled and eventually transported to the dumping ground at gate 1 to be fed to the shredder.