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Collection and Receiving

Waste Receiving:
Biofuel Industries’ recycling yard is where our main operation takes place. Our core service is to provide a dumping space for our customers. We understand that time is precious to our customers and in such a fast paced environment, time lost is equivalent to income loss, we do our very best to minimize our customer’s waiting time. Our recycling yard receives between 100-200 trucks a day, hence we have to ensure that our waste processing capabilities and output is faster than the waste intake. Efficiency and proper manpower allocation is paramount in order for us to have a smooth operation. Our dedicated supervisors and maintenance team are constantly ensuring that work is done efficiently and all machineries are in tip-top condition.

Our customer’s equipment and vehicle are also important to us. Companies’ incurred large amounts of expenses on repairs and maintenance due to vehicles going to hazardous work sites. Here at Biofuel Industries, we ensure that there is always a clear access way in and out of our recycling yard and that our roads are free of debris for our customer’s vehicles to have a safe passage through our yard.

Waste Collection:
Proper logistics planning is necessary for every business. Not every company has the resources or time to send their waste over to a recycling yard. At Biofuel Industries, our logistics team is able to provide waste collection services to our customers to remove the added burden of sending the waste to our recycling yard.

In every construction site, construction waste is constantly being generated. Timely removal of construction debris is necessary for progress to be made during construction. Our logistics planners dutifully ensure that there are sufficient construction waste bins at every site, they are steadfast in ensuring that bins which have been filled up can be replaced with empty bins in a timely fashion. We constantly fabricate new bins and refurbish old ones make certain that all construction bins are in good working condition.