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On-Site Clearance

Biofuel Industries has recently expanded its nature of services to site clearance works. Our top priorities in this field are safety and efficiency. For all kinds of works, speed is sacrificed for safety and quality and vice versa. For Biofuel Industries, we find the right balance to work with speed without compromising safety.

Harvester Head working on Komatsu Excavator
Our Compact, Robust and Powerful Harvesting Head
for demanding work on-site

Our specialized state of the art equipment and first of its kind in Singapore – the forest harvester, ensures that trees can be felled and processed quickly without endangering the operator or people in the proximity. The forest harvesting head is a rotational grappler with feed rolling, sawing and tilting functions. The rotational feature allows the operator to orientate the harvesting head to grab and fell a tree in a specific direction, this prevents the tree from falling in an uncontrolled manner which is extremely dangerous. Our forest harvester is equipped with a ¾” main saw unit and 32cc saw motor, powerful enough to handle even the densest tree trunk. A highly skilled operator is able to fell 500-600 trees in a single day.

We aim to provide a turnkey solution from site clearance, to waste removal, waste processing and biomass export. Our eco-business model is aimed at minimizing waste, maximizing recovering and reducing harm to the environment.

See Our Harvesting Head in Action